Our Approach

Business Development Wealth Creation Strategies Future Proofing Taxation Planning Investment Planning Best Practice Analysis & Implementation Performance Monitoring Superannuation & Retirement Planning Succession Planning Risk Management Estate Planning

We recognise that there are as many different objectives in life as there are people. And while ‘wealth’ is about more than just money, having the financial freedom to live life the way that you want can help you achieve your goals. That’s why we take a ‘whole of life’ approach to your financial well-being.

Business Development

The path to achieving your financial goals begins with maximising the return you get from your business.

Tax planning – Everyone needs to pay their fair share of tax. But if you’re paying more tax than you should, you’re losing money that could be invested in your future. We do more than prepare your financial statements and income tax returns. We can sit down with you before the end of the financial year and help you take action that will minimise the tax you’ll pay, before it’s too late.

Performance Monitoring – Having timely information about the performance of your business is critical to its success. We work with the latest software, including Xero, to ensure that you know how your business is performing, as it is happening. This in turn allows us to work with you on developing and monitoring critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), so that you can quickly seize upon new opportunities and address potential areas of concern.

Wealth Creation

Your personal wealth should work to provide for you now and in the future. We help you develop strategies that maximise your investment returns, protect you from the worst of market fluctuations and grow your superannuation nest egg.

Investment planning – The key to growing your wealth is getting the balance right – equities, fixed income, property and other investments - and doing so in the most tax effective way. We pride ourselves on our independence. This is why we’re not financial planners. We want you to be confident that the advice we provide is unbiased and in your best interests. Instead, we help you with your overall plan and work with the best in the business – people who share our ethos and creative approach - to grow your investment portfolio and provide objective guidance along the way. We’re also experts in property development advice and the associated tax consequences. And if you’re unsure of which way to go, we can help you to get the balance right.

Superannuation – Superannuation is a key component of any business and/or wealth creation strategy. We’re not in the business of selling superannuation products or telling you where to invest. We aren't licensed financial advisers, by intention, so that you can have full confidence that the advice you receive from us in relation to the tax consequences of your superannaution decisions are completely independent. As a trusted adviser, we work with you to ensure that you've taken care of this critical aspect your plan for financial success. If you happen to use Self-Managed Superannuation as a part of your strategy, we can help you complete your compliance requirements and ensure that everything is integrated with your business affairs.*

Transition Planning

If you’ve worked to build a valuable business asset, having a plan in place to maximise your financial return from it, while at the same time achieving your lifestyle goals, is critical to your long-term financial well-being.

Best practice analysis and implementation – To maximise the value you receive from your business when it comes time to transition out of it, you first need to make sure your business is as attractive as possible to those who will take over. We can help you develop and maintain best practices for your business, which includes documenting processes and systems and analysing them for weaknesses and opportunities, enhancing customer and employee relationships, benchmarking, defining roles and responsibilities and formulating long term strategies.

Succession planning – What happens when you’re ready to get out? Many businesses fail to survive a change in ownership because they fail to plan in advance for the event. Will you sell the business or pass it on to another family member? Will you continue to work in the business for a while, on your own terms, or cut ties altogether? And how do you get the best price possible for the enterprise you have spent so long developing? We can help you work through these issues and ensure that when the time comes, the disruption is minimised and you achieve the best possible result – personally and financially.

A firm foundation

Any long-term wealth creation strategy is protected by having contingency measures in place to protect your income earning capacity, provide for your family and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Risk management – Most people insure their more significant assets. Yet many fail to cover their most valuable asset of all – their income earning capacity. We can help you make sure that you have all of your bases covered should something unforeseen happen, by helping you put in place insurance cover that protects your income stream if you can no longer work. But risk management is about more than just insurance. If you have a business and you can no longer work in it, how should it operate in your absence? If it needs to be sold, how do your determine the value? These are some of the many questions we help you to answer. A good risk management strategy allows you to do what you do with confidence, knowing that you are prepared for the worst even at the best of times.

Estate planning – The cornerstone of any estate plan is an up-to-date will, naturally. But most wills do not anticipate the complications that come with business ownership and wealth accumulation. These are unique to each individual - which means that every estate plan must also be bespoke. We work with you and your solicitors to consider your specific circumstances, document your wishes in a form that is both clear and legally binding and plan in advance to mitigate any adverse Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax consequences. This helps to protect your legacy in a way that maximises value for your beneficiaries and minimises potential conflict, giving you the confidence to know that should the worst happen, your family will be looked after.

* Our services with respect to SMSFs extend only to taxation, administration and compliance. If you require investment or personal financial advice you should consult an appropriately licensed or authorised financial adviser.