Eye Care Industry

Like any industry, the eye care market has its own unique business issues and challenges to deal with. So wouldn't it help to have an expert in your corner?

One of our specialties is in helping those in the eye care industry manage these issues and develop and grow their businesses. We know the industry and the increased complexity that comes with operating within it. It's an industry that is in transition, as smaller providers are faced with either being absorbed by the larger corporates that are moving aggressively, or holding out and continuing on independently.

If you operate in the ophthalmic industry, we can help you to:

  • Accurately price your products and services;
  • Meet your specific compliance obligations;
  • Use your financial data to improve your margins and identify problem areas and new opportunities;
  • Develop a business plan to grow your practice;
  • Make sure you have adequate protection in place to manage your risk;
  • Plan for  succession and get the best price for your practice (when the time comes);
  • Make an informed decision as to whether you should sell out to a bigger player

And that's just the start.

Your accountant should be a guide. Why not have one who knows the terrain?

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