The lastest newsletter from Dewings

In this issue we take a look at one of Labor's more divisive proposals - abolishing refunds of dividend imputation credits for those with no tax to pay. We look at why it's yet another regrettable shift in the superannuation goalposts for those planning for retirement. We also look at how fast-tracking the company tax rate cuts may actually cost small business more in tax, and also detail our Christmas closing times for this year.

You can read the full version here.

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Planned power outage scheduled for Thursday 13th December means access to our services may be limited

We've recently received (very short) notice that the power to our street will be interrupted for planned maintenance between 8:00am and 3:00pm this coming Thursday, 13th December 2018.

Please note that this may mean that you could have trouble getting in contact with us during this time. To ensure that the disruption to you is minimised, we'll be redirecting our main phone line to a mobile service, and most of our staff will be working off-site to ensure they still have internet access. Hopefully you won't notice much difference, but even so, we recognise that it's not ideal and that there may still be some minor issues getting in contact with someone.

There may be times when you try to call the office but are unable to connect. This will most likely be where we are on another call, as we won't have our usual quota of lines available, or during a time where we're waiting for our redirection to activate. Please be patient and keep trying.

If you have the mobile number of the Dewings team member you usually work with, please feel free to call them directly. If you don't, and anticipate that you may need something on Thursday, please get in contact with someone soon to discuss how you can stay in touch.

Finally, if you happen call into the office on Thursday, we will only have a skeleton staff present, and the lights will probably be out. Other than that, we still hope to provide our usual high standard of service and will try to put you in contact with someone as soon as possible.

We apologise for the inconvenience and for the short notice. Unfortunately, this has only recently been brought to our attention.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us before Thursday to discuss them further.

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