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May 2017 Newsletter

There's been a lot going on over the last couple of months. In this issue we look at what the impact of the recent company tax rate reduction means for small-medium businesses and alert you to the upcoming changes in superannuation, which take effect from 1st July. Of particular importance is that reduced contribution limits come into play. Finally, we're also pleased to announce a special project that our managing director is involved with.

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December 2016 Newsletter

This is our last issue for the year. As much as we know we've focused a lot on superannuation this year, we couldn't let the passage of the Government's amended Budget proposals on super go without further comment. Read on for details about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in super that will disappear after 30th June 2017!

Plus we have some information about the National Business Simplification Initiative, and our Christmas closing times for this year.

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August 2016 Newsletter

The Coalition has back-tracked on one of its more controversial changes to superannuation announced in this year's Budget, the Tax Office gets tough on business tax debts, and we have an important announcement about the way that we will be providing superannuation advice in future.

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